Michael Oakes

“Golf Course Saguaro” by Willy Conley

At night, through the screen door,
I hear the fish jump,
splashing back into the water like fat stones.
They are tiny astronauts,
leaving their world for a moment
to glimpse our dreams.

Michael Oakes recently moved to Tampa, FL to achieve his family’s dream of living on the water. Recently a mullet was surprised, for after leaping from the water he found himself wriggling in a small boat with Michael, his wife, and his 10-year-old son. After much screaming and panic by all, Michael was able to wrestle the 18-inch fish back into the ocean. While Michael enjoys writing in his free time, the fish enjoys telling cautionary tales of his strange encounter to any who will listen.

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Willy Conley, a former biomedical photographer, has photos featured in the books Listening Through the Bone, The Deaf Heart, No Walls of Stone, and Deaf World. Other publications: American Photographer, Arkansas Review, Baltimore Sun, Carolina Quarterly, Big Muddy, Folio, and 34th Parallel. Conley’s chapbook of poems, The World of White Water, features a front cover photo of his recently published by Kelsay Books. He is a retired professor of theatre and dance at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.

Twitter: @willy_conley

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