Josie  Levin

“Beach” by Paz Graino

It is not orange season and so
the woman at the register
charges two dollars extra to
hunch over them just a few days longer
the jogger at the park does not stop so
I cannot pet his dog and the dog
and I duck our heads low and
eye each other regretfully

You were right about grief
I carry it in my spine

Josie Levin is a visual artist and writer. She splits her time between Indianapolis and Chicago, reads large volumes of books and occasionally writes her own. She has been published in several publications, including Penumbric Magazine, The 2River View, and Witness Magazine.

Paz Graino is a photographer and a painter. She was born in Chile but has lived mainly in Europe and the USA. She has been working and experimenting with different mediums and techniques since she was in her early 20s. She loves cats, her main subject in painting, looks for beauty in the most common places and situations when photographing. You can look at her work in Instagram and Facebook.

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