Burnt Offerings

Frank William Finney

“Fresco #3” by GJ Gillespie

So what if the world
runs out of graves?

Train your eyes
for renovation:

Incense burns
in the Hollywood hills.

Mere smoke for stars
that don’t exist.

Frank William Finney is the author of The Dissolution of the Sparkling Bridge and Songs of Insomnia (Suksit Siam). His poems have appeared in Jersey Devil Press, The Plentitudes, Slipstream, Stone Poetry Journal, and Unstamatic. New Poems are forthcoming in Freshwater Literary Journal and Tofu Ink Arts Press. His chapbook The Folding of the Wings is slated for publication in May 2022 (Finishing Line Press).

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GJ Gillespie is a collage artist living in a 1928 Tutor Revival farmhouse overlooking Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island (north of Seattle). In addition to natural beauty, he is inspired by art history — especially mid century the abstract expressionism. The “Northwest Mystics” who produced haunting images from this region 60 years ago are favorites.
Winner of 18 awards, his art has appeared in 54 shows and numerous publications.
When he is not making art, he runs his premium sketchbook company Leda Art Supply.


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