Garden of Cyrus | Adam Ray Wagner

Zen Chung via Pexels

The Garden of Cyrus1


in the eye lives

an orchard—sapamber in Autumn

the leafing seasoned voice

inverts in the retina

enters swirling over the treeside river

ovals of mist in elliptic whisperings


in the branching overeye the horizon finds trace of those “vocall and sonorous lines in Ecchoes… in woody plantations, by water, and able


to return some words;


if reached


by a pleasant and dividing voice, there may be heard


the loftiest notes in nature” alive in mist where sunholed eyes


see how reflection slips

from the sky in slight movement


  • water-like lit by the dark of this life the yearning eye finds



of the horizoned sun

as each hollow surface





























  1. Quotatation is from Sir Thomas Browne’s The Garden of Cyrus.

Adam Ray Wagner is a poet raised in Nebraska who is currently residing in Boise after brief stays in Colorado and Maine. Instagram: @adam.or.ray Twitter @adam_or_ray

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