A Hot Summer’s Evening | Srestha Chakraborty

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A Hot Summer’s Evening

Murky windowsills of unfamiliar places
exude melancholy with just about
the perfect tinge of homesickness.

The kind of homesickness
that is made up of all your
broken crayons and missing playthings;

The kind of homesickness
that simply makes you
half smile and half sigh.

via Srestha Chakraborty

Lavender Haiku


Perfectionism blooms


Into a purple whimsy.


She knows her worth now.

Sunset Suburbia via Srestha Chakraborty

Srestha is a disabled neuroqueer artist from India & neuroscientist in-training. They view art as an agent of sociopolitical change. They’re also a singer & love academia aesthetics. Twt:Neurosresh

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