Toward the Edge of the Earth

by Bethany Jarmul

My way to you / by Kimberlee Frederick

All around you, humanity stirs, slithers, skips in the same direction—a bouquet of humans drawn
like a lime Luna moth to the primal, aquatic roar; you don’t know who, upon arrival, will jump
joyfully and who will leap lavishly over the edge, toward the deafening roar, toward the
deafening silence, or who—perhaps you—will do both.

Bethany Jarmul is a writer, editor, and poet. Her work has appeared in more than 40 literary magazines and been nominated for Best of the Net and Best Spiritual Literature. She earned first place in Women On Writing’s Q2 2022 essay contest. Bethany enjoys chai lattes, nature walks, and memoirs. She lives near Pittsburgh with her family. Connect with her at or on Twitter: @BethanyJarmul.

Kimberlee Frederick is a self-taught collage artist from Portland, OR. Her work is usually occupied with bodies, with the burdens that bodies bear, and with the constant tension of the internal versus the external. Website: // Instagram : @unrealcitypdx. 

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