Herr Erlich´s Books in Schöneberg

by Samaré Gozal

by Samaré Gozal

A large pile of books on the wet asphalt
In bags and trolleys
Passers by grab what they may before the rain comes
The wind blows the radio scripts side to side
Little notes and postcards peek out of the rectangles

There are three burials;
One of the body
One of possessions collected as if eternity was a birth-right
One of the name

There is only one ceremony;
that of the body
No ceremony for the possessions now soaked by the clouds
No ceremony for the name scribbled on the yellow first page of a book

Herr Erlich ́s first burial was carried out by the earth
Herr Erlich ́s second burial was administered by the storm
Herr Erlich ́s third burial hasn ́t happened yet.

Samaré is an Iranian born Swedish film maker and one of the co-founders of the production company Ramz Media (www.ramzprod.com). She holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Lund in Sweden after which she started her film studies at the European Film College in Denmark. Since then she has worked on a variety of film, video and audio- and writing projects internationally.

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  1. The three burials were beautifully described. It made me pause to think about how we live like we are going to be “here” forever knowing full well that one day we will be gone.

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