Some People Gotta Get Outta Here

Bradley David

via Unstamatic

I’ve been picking every bed
up off the floor.

Folding them away for
better seasons.

Somewhere with more moss would give
this patchwork quilt

a job. Hey, man, got a bus
to that place?

Got a good tire to burn rubber
out of these hot dollars?

Bradley David’s poetry, fiction, essays, and hybrid works appear in Terrain, Plainsongs, Exacting Clam, Stone of Madness, Bureau of Complaint, Porridge, and others. New work is forthcoming in Allium, Always Crashing, Fruit Journal, Simple Machines, and the museum of americana. His work can be found at Proof of his poultry rescues and struggle gardening can occasionally be found on Twitter @strangecamera. His Instagram is a collection of mini constraint projects @mystrangecamera.

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