Justice System

Salvatore Difalco

“Fender Bender” by kingcup

One morning, black-robed men with silver hair rained down from the
sky. They fell screaming all day and night, thudding to the ground,
heaping up in mangled piles. People panicked. My wife and I decided
to evacuate the city and head up north to our cottage in Muskoka. The
roads were a bloody mess. “Your wipers are no good now,” said my
wife as I steered through the carnage. “I have eyes,” I said. “So do
they,” she said, pointing to the startled face splattering the windshield.

Salvatore Difalco is the author of the illustrated microfiction collection THE MOUNTIE AT NIAGARA FALLS ( Anvil Press). He lives in Toronto. Saldifalco.weebly.com

kingcup draws dudes and crashed cars. But mostly dudes.

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