3 Poems | Ivory Dee

Bruno Scramgnon via Pexels

If I Don’t


If I don’t form these words in the way that only I can

They will die between my brain and my tongue

Behind my eyes

And I have seen enough grief


Poem 2


It’s dangerous, that beautiful sun

But the moon?

The only scary thing is while it rings out the calm in you

It breeds monsters in everyone else


Poem 3


Relapsing is less disappointing when you realize you’re addicted

If you have never been an addict

Then how do you know?

You fight for one more day

Because time heals all

But when you fall in

Starting over doesn’t feel so bad

Until it’s time

Because addiction is temporary

Otherwise, it would just be called love



Ivory Dee is a poet, mother and author from Philadelphia.

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