One Week of Violent Sci-Fi Movie Dreams | Meg Lubey

Julia Kuzenkov via Pexels

Last year’s Valentine’s gift, a box of bananas. 12 bunches
of remember you must die turned to bread.
And the aging. Oh, the aging. The spilling of coffee onto the floor
over and over. The year without water.
Instagram memorials and [REDACTED]
living forever online, gifting us discount codes
and self-portraits. Curation that looks like comfort now,
like that’s peace, like that’s recollection, like,
if being remembered is just misplaced restlessness,
then what else is there to say?

Meg Lubey is a visual artist and writer currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio. You can find out more about Lubey on Insta: megan.lubey Twitter: meganlubey

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