Mothers Day | Mary Rhodes

Daria Obymaha via Pexels

There are millions of moments of you, in places the world over
There are hands held and meals made and hearts healed and tears shed
In every care there is you
In sweaty palms stuffed with wildflowers and glasses fogged with steam
In wine glasses and makeup bags and tears wiped after a dream
In every home there is you
In unfurled ferns and raindrops on windows, in moving to keep away from the tide
In every feeling of being alone, to discover someone on your side
In every heart there is you
In always answered calls and never spoken hurts
In the fear of letting go and the exhilaration in so many firsts
In every love there is you

Mary Rhodes (she/her) Is a student at UGA. She lives with her two cats, her dog, and her undying hope for a world more full of love. You can find her on instagram at @marypr4 and twitter @marypr2414.

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