An Ode to Danish-Chilean Singer and Producer Molina | Mike Owsley

via Pixabay

“Hey. Kids.”? Only you may address me this way.

Molina, your mastery in mastering
this music is vivid and otherworldly. Like
Parásito, worm in my brain, I am
longing for a similar devotion

to phrasing. Molina, please break me
through this vanilla shell of lyricism. I am trapped.
Teach me the wealth of your well of wordsmithery. Take
me under your au/spacious wings and teach me
how poems should truly be written.

Mike Owsley (He/They) is an author and activist. His work has previously been published or is forthcoming in the Castle of Horror Anthology and QRM Zine. You can find his twitter @BigMikeOwsley.

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