Studio 6 | Krista Sanford

Quang Nguyen Vinh via Pexels

the lake outside my apartment is man-made.
perfectly circular,
a backdrop of a skyline reflection.
i look in the gentle waves
and see the reflection,
not of me but of the old hotel,
right off the interstate,
the hum of cars a constant tune.
a girl and a boy–mid-twenties.
hiding from the world,
their punishment:
endless exile.
they sit on the rocks.
he takes a hit, passes it to her through a kiss.
smiles all around.
how simple they must be,
how perfect.
their secret hideout.
never actually feeling like home.

I have been published in Junepine Magazine, Livina Press, Black Moon Magazine, Horned Things, & others. My first chapbook, fatboy: a collection, is available on Amazon. Find me on Twitter, @k_leesan.

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