Sexy-sulcus | Barney Ashton-Bullock

Nida via Pexels

Corybantic neural frissons flicker-whip the cranial eroto-nano
sentinels. Their synaptic luminosities demarcate circumstantial
flitty congruence from a turbid opportunistic carnal dissonance.
From all such ‘making do’ of the coasting of entitled auto-cruise
and its possessed ever briefer follow-thru of perfunctory grind
and resultant rote sput, sput. From the satiated chuckle, wink
and part of leaving and its ever unmuttered ‘I don’t love you’, ‘I
don’t need you’ and the default non-committal nod, skewed eyes
averted, in passing, somewhere just as dark, sometime soon…

Barney Ashton-Bullock is the poet in the hybrid pop/theatre/music act ‘Andy Bell is Torsten’. His latest books are ‘Geopoliticus, Pupsy!’ (Red Ceilings Press) and ‘Cul-de-Sacrilege!’ (Polari Press).

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