sandcastles as headstones | Emily Perkovich

Peter Steele via Pexels

We buried a lot at the beach

/it’s just that waves hold better than dirt/it’s just that I never expected for you to hang around/

It’s just that 

I’ve always chewed with my mouth closed, and you’ve always felt entitled to seconds, so when you think of it that way

What I mean is

I know how to keep a secret

What I mean is

On a long enough timeline, monogamy is always a failure

I go back at midnight to sift through the turrets because water weight has never scared me, I’m clawing at the grit of it now, nails dug in deep, I’m excavating your eyes all bloodshot in night-air, I’m dredging the lake for the way I could feel the coke in your veins in my bones, and what I’m trying to say is that we were just two skeletons pressed together

What I mean is

We should have dug separate graves

What I mean is

/it’s just that/

I’ve always wanted to swallow somebody whole

Emily Perkovich is from the Chicago-land area and the Editor in Chief of Querencia Press. You can find her on IG @undermeyou or Twitter @emily_perkovich

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