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NEOSiAM 2021 via Pexels

 (July 10, 2022)
What if I let myself live in a world where the best case scenario was possible

(May 25, 2022)
I’m not afraid of you
I’m afraid of the ghost of my father who still lives

(October 19, 2021)
Thoughts like barbed wire under the mud
And there’ll be blood in the morning

It feels like dying. It feels like being born again.

(May 12, 2020)
The secret is that people can only touch you when you’re hurt

(February 8, 2018)
The truth is that I’m all messed up like you

(August 11, 2017)
I guess he wanted a better son

(May 26, 2017)
When I look at the lilacs all I see is how fast they’ll fade and the slow disintegration of beauty
I do not want to touch anything that will touch me
I do not want to watch things die

(May 5, 2017)
They say living is resistance but I can feel my existence slipping from my fingers

(August 24, 2014)
I don’t want to think
About how to live without you but
I guess I’m going to find out soon

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