To My Person | Louis Boyd

manu mangalassery via Pexels

To My Person
First Off, let me preface this by saying
I Love You
But the curious side of me begs the question
Why do you see yourself as incarceration?
When you, my butterfly, are freedom
You are THE African savanna
You are star filled skies
You are warm blankets, rainstorms and books
And nowhere to be
You are not isolation my love
You are deep breaths and early morning dew
Summer times when schools out
Ice cream on hot days
Laughter when all you’ve known up until then
Was sadness
And joy was KIA on your lips
You bring absolution of heartache
You aint burden
You peace
Even when you, yourself, don’t realize it
I guess I’m as much to blame as anyone
Missed communication and crossed wires
Leave you feeling less than
In a constant state of anxious upheaval
That can only be soothed by arms wrapped around you
Deep strokes inside you
Fingernails scratch arguments in my back
As you accept my apology
One round..two rounds…three
Out of breath
But more apologies to go

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