Ode to Summer | Nicole Ong

Ryan Baker via Pexels

Does summer know that it hangs on
Like a drunken party guest?
Through rain and fog it lingers still,
A faded tattoo of the past.

Though years may pass and seasons change,
As autumn leaves and winter fades,
One thing stays (and though it’s strange –)
A quiet smile and eyes like jade.

You’ll never really leave, I know
Though the light fades and the sky grows cold
And the trees grow pale and old
A part of me just won’t let go.
(I’m waiting for a ‘told you so’.)

Does summer know that it hangs on,
Like a drunken party guest?
Your echo sleeps in my room still
(Though, perhaps, it’s for the best.)

Portfolio: https://ongshiminnicole.blogspot.com/

An avid reader of speculative fiction, Nicole is currently working as an editor for a publishing company in Singapore. She enjoys knitting and baking.

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