Surgical Notation | Nicola Andrews

Anna Shvets via Pexels

TAKEN, like Liam Neeson’s daughter
PLACED, the rue of a bronze medalist
INTRODUCED, like species invading
PLACED, as if a half-formed memory
GRASPED, like a prize in a claw machine

PLACED, as in papers please
TURNED, like a chess piece being born
INJECTED, as in your slight discomfort
USED, like an eraser destroying itself
USED, as in getting used to it

INSERTED, like newsprint solicitations
ELEVATED, as in untouchable coronation
CONFIRMED, like répondez s’il vous plaît
INSERTED, as malevolent thumb drive
CONFIRMED, like a credible witness

INSPECTED, as in emotion detector
PLACED, like bring back state housing
TURNED, as in rotisserie ballerina
INJECTED, like crows stampeding
USED, as in run out of stock

INTRODUCED, like a meet-ugly
INSPECTED, as if holding your breath
NOTED, like a workflow collapsing
FILLED, as in enamel erosion
DISSECTED, like a shredded coconut

IDENTIFIED, as in ko wai au?
DISSECTED, like a mirrored sliding door
OPENED, as in butterfly knife arcing
CAUTERIZED, like drainpipe desperation
LIGATED, as if a balloon dachshund

PLACED, like an unpaid intern
CAUTERIZED, as in you’re on brand
NOTED, like apologies and corrections
GRASPED, as if a bedside scarecrow
TENTED, like survival preparations

SEPARATED, as twins switched at death
REMOVED, like borders closing slowly
REMOVED, as in I’ll see myself out
SWITCHED, like the strike of a bough
INTRODUCED, as in my best curtsey

PLACED, as if a pin point dropping
ELEVATED, like glass ceilings rushing
REMOVED, as if secondhand sight
INSPECTED, like falling into line
OBSERVED, as Attenborough himself

PLACED, like an errant salad fork
CLOSED, as if renovations pending
RELEASED, like a compilation album
REMOVED, as in unboxing china
CLOSED, like barricades bracing

CLOSED, as if a self contained unit
REMOVED, like repetitive shifty thoughts
REMOVED, as in smiling once again
AWAKENED, like cheers to you, mate
AWAKENED, tihei mauri ora

Nicola Andrews (Māori, Pākehā) is a Ngāti Pāoa writer currently on Ramaytush Ohlone territory. Follow them as @maraebrarian, and in publications including bad apple, and Cordite Poetry Review.

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