Your Girlfriend as an Overturned Shopping Cart

Cathy Ulrich

Re-Construirme by Pablo Ramos

She will be its sticky black wheel spinning, slower and slower, she will be toppled oranges and plum, dripping petite sirloin in its wrap, torn grocery list, she will be a purse pouring out its sacred things (napkins, pens, little-children-smiling photographs), she will be tangled wire, whisper and weep, the spilling of soft, broken things, she will be body armor and manifesto, she will be safely taken into custody, she will be the wheel you are watching spin in the quiet now after the echo and cry, over and over again, spinning its way to a soft and silent still.

Cathy Ulrich wishes there were more grocery stores on her end of town. Her work has been published in various journals, including Meadowlark Review, Citron Review and Okay Donkey.

Pablo Ramos is a cinematographer and documentary filmmaker born in Chiapas in 1982. Through film-making, he is interested in social justice and people who work to build a better world.

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