The Human Justice

V S Balakrishnan

“Start ‘Em Young” by Flora Horton

The dreaded serpent hissed repeatedly to make its presence known,
Only to get beaten to death immediately
Without a warning.

V S Balakrishnan is a BA English graduate writing from Tamil Nadu, India. He is 29 years old. He writes in both English and his mother-tongue Tamil, and has self-published a poetry book in both. His works have appeared in Pif Magazine, Better than Starbucks Magazine, Plants and Poetry Journal, Poets Choice, Castello Duino Poesia, The Wire’s Dream Magazine, and Dissident Voice. Besides writing, he is also interested in gardening and painting as well.

Flora Horton is a digital collagist and penitent California expat who can’t seem to settle the hell down. Currently, she haunts Missoula.

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