I’m Kind Of Asking To Get Sacked

“Environmental Entanglements” by Kathy Bruce

I was raised by the kind of man who paints battalions of toy soldiers. I would do the same myself, but I took the wings off a tin dragon model and soldered them onto an elephant. I had a plastic model of Concorde, but I replaced the front end with a herring gull’s skull I picked up on the beach and sprayed the whole thing silver. As a grown-up I breed snakes in the lab with human ears on their backs, hamsters with gills, then I smuggle them home. At times I flicker in and out of existence, become energy, become mass, become the rain in the birch trees, wax like a cheese, bloom like algae. My dad waits at home like a crushed loaf; warily eyeing my workbag as I set it down.

Geoff Sawers lives in Reading, UK; he reviews books and walks other people’s dogs for a living. He likes bees and trees.

Kathy Bruce’s collages explore archetypal female and mythological forms within the context of poetry, literature and the natural environment. Her work has appeared in Three Rooms Press, The Vassar Review, Alchemy Literary Magazine, Open Minds Quarterly Journal, The Perch, Yale University School of Medicine, The New Southern Fugitives, Up the Staircase Quarterly, The Variant Literature, Landlocked Literary Magazine, The Rejoiner, The Brooklyn Review, Twyckenham Notes, The Porter House Review, and The National Women’s Museum Journal.

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