After the VHS Boom

Caleb Bethea

via Unstamatic

I met a priest once and she told me all about her work in horror films. When she said low budget, I thought Evil Dead. $375,000 for the original. But they threw these fuckers straight into the VCRs of late-lit living rooms. She spoke of the VHS boom of the 90s, how it paved the way for grindhouse scares and science fiction apocalypse terrors. Flicks directed by a man who made his name shooting gay porn. Bidding for artistic legitimacy with corn syrup carnages. Holy, if you really think about it.

Caleb Bethea is an MFA at UofSC, studying fiction by night. By day, he works as a copywriter in eCommerce. But, the best of his time is spent with his wife and two kids by the ocean. You can read his work in – or forthcoming in – voidspace, HAD, Maudlin House, mutiny!, APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL, and hex. He tweets at @caleb_bethea_

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