Two-Sided Necklace | Kaylee Stull

Badulescu Badulescu via Pexels

I told you I’m afraid of knives, yet you gave me that necklace
Telling me it’s like day and night. On the outside, it’s a key;
If you open it up, out pops the secret knife. You told me:
“Keep it close to your chest, always.” Why? So it can
Open up in my sleep, and stab me in my heart?
You said:
“That’s a good thing! It’s the key to our love. One for you.
One for me….It’s not a murder. The knife carves out a spot for me.”

I told you, I’ll only open mine if you open yours.
There you lie that very night, blade in heart, chain pulled tight.
But I don’t need help with mine. I can open it myself.

When not teaching, Kaylee Stull writes horror. She attended CSU Long Beach where she obtained two BA’s in English. In her spare time, she hones her archery skills. Her social media is: @Kitkatstull.

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