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Sup guys. My name is Sophie. I am your typical 9 year old girl in third grade. My two besties are Sarah and Catherine. I have an annoying brother named William. One day Sarah tells me that she doesn’t have a pencil bag and wants to steal one because she is afraid that the teacher will get mad at her. Our teacher is really mean. We call him Mr. Humpty Dumpty because he is so fat. I once got in trouble for not having a pencil. Alright back to the story. What I think is that Sarah has a good reason to fear she will get in trouble, but that doesn’t mean that she should go steal it from someone else.

I ask, “Why don’t you ask your parents?”

She said, “They will probably get mad that I lost my stuff.”

“Ok, but I would not be as bad as being caught stealing.”

“I don’t care, I still will do it. Also no one would know.”

“Fine, but who are you stealing from?”

“Probably Maddie.”

“Oh no.”

The reason I said “Oh no” is because Maddie is the literal definition of a teacher’s pet. If she stole from Maddie, she would 100% snitch, no doubt about it. The second reason is Maddie kinda hates me, so she would probably blame me. The reason she hates me is because I beat her grades on the final exam and now she is always salty. Nevertheless, I was still going to try to convince her, but I don’t really think it will work.

“So what is your plan?” I ask.

She responded, “Maddie is always helping out Mr. Humpty Dumpty. When Mr. Humpty Dumpty passes out homework, she always volunteers. When she helps him, I also ask to pass out homework. Then while I am by her desk I will grab her pencil bag. It is the end of the day, so she will leave and hopefully not notice.”

Not gonna lie the plan sounded pretty good. The only problem is that she will need her pencil bag and she is the most organized human being on the planet. There is a good chance that she will figure out her pencil bag is missing and snitch on me.

“The only problem is how will she not realize that her pencil bag is missing?” I ask.

“Don’t worry she will probably think that she lost it and ask her parents,” Sarah responded.

The next day, which is Friday,  before school I asked Catherine what she thought.

She said, “Well Maddie is really organized and has never forgotten anything, but if you unzip her backpack it would make it look like she just dropped it. Then I think it can be successful. If she does it on Friday, I think it will be even better because if you leave something at school over the weekend no one knows what happens to it.”

Sarah made it through the whole day without Mr. Humpty Dumpty noticing because I gave her some supplies. It was the end of day and he was passing out homework.

Mr. Humpty Dumpty asked, “Who wants to help me pass out homework?”

Maddie said, “Me Me Me.”

“Ok Ok Maddie you can. Now who else?” replied Mr. Humpty Dumpty.

Sarah said, “ I’ll do it.”

Mr. Humpty Dumpty gave her a suspicious look but didn’t think too much about it.

“Ok alright Sarah here you go,” said Mr. Humpty Dumpty.

At first everything was fine. They passed out the homework and when Sarah got to Maddie’s desk she grabbed the pencil bag no problem. She put it in her backpack like it was hers and we left. It was Saturday and we were talking about the success of the heist, but I knew it was only successful if Maddie didn’t snitch.

It was Monday the moment of truth. I honestly thought we hadn’t pulled through, but when I got to class everything seemed fine. Maddie had some supplies. All hope was lost when at the end of the day Mr. Humpty Dumpty called me to his desk.

He said, “Alright I have a report that Maddie’s pencil bag was stolen.”

I decided to play it dumb and responded, “Really? I saw that she has supplies.”

When he replied “That is because I gave her some. Now tell me where the pencil bag is,” I knew that he knew.

“I never took the pencil bag. I don’t know where it is.”

“Don’t play dumb I know you have it.”

“I don’t have it, sir”

“If you won’t admit it I will just tell your parents.”

After this he let me go. The first thing I did was tell Sarah. Mr. Humpty Dumpty knows that you stole Maddie’s pencil bag and now he thinks I did it. He has even threatened to call my parents. You have to tell him or I will get in trouble.

“I can’t or I will get in trouble,” complained Sarah.

“You stole it not me, so it is not my fault,” I countered.

“We have to return the pencil bag without knowing it was us.”

“And how will you do that?”

“Trust me”

It is the next day and Mr. Humpty Dumpty gave me a deadline of Thursday to return it. It is Wednesday and Sarah’s plan is to put the pencil bag in some corner of the room and have someone else pretend to find it. We have successfully put down the pencil bag. By the end of the day no one has picked it up for some reason, so we have to make more people come over here. That should be easy.

“Ahhh! A fly just tried to bite me,” I yelled.

“Where?” yelled Mr. Humpty Dumpty.

“It flew to the corner by the bookshelves”

Of course this is where the pencil bag is.

“I don’t see it,” said Mr. Humpty Dumpty.

That causes the whole class to be right by where the bookshelves are. This time someone has to find the pencil bag. I was right.

“Maddie, I think I found your pencil bag” said JJ.

“Really let me see. It is. Thank you! Thank you!” yelled Maddie.

After this Mr. Humpty Dumpty apologized for blaming me. After that the school year was great.

Bryan Zhan is a 6th grader from Houston with a love for baseball.

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  1. I love this piece. Voice-centric, big mood. I was rumbling with laughter all the way through. It’d be hard for anybody to read this and not root for Sophie to succeed.

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