Goddamn Radical Left, Eatin All My Corn Nuts | Gark Mavigan

Gersh dern Laura Dern, thinking yur all that & a bag of Corn Nuts cuz you deep-tissued a triceratops. Dern the whole Dern Crime Family: Bruce Dern, Laura Dern, MoDERNa—yur all in cahoots & ladders w/ Bill Gates & Skynet & George (Tyrant)Soros Rex.

Tom Hanks, you mermaid pimpin 1930s hitman shootin airplane savin sleepless pedo in Seattle, seducin chitlins with yur FOOT PIANO.

Obama: from Chicago. Al Capone: from Chicago. DO. THE. ALGAE. BRAH.

Bout had nuff of aunt tifa & fake nudes media & Dank Brandon & vagina candles &—

Goddamn Corn Nuts. Eatin me up inside.

Gark Mavigan is a prose-fessional, rapper, and music journalist based in San Francisco. His words have appeared in/on: HuffPost, WGN Chicago, and EARMILK, among others. Follow him at @GarkMavigan.

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