Reverie | Alex Tamei

Ryutaro Tsukata via Pexels

Wood smoke, coffee and Kenny G. These are the keys, to the caverns, to the depths, to those most holy of places unsullied by consciousness. Here I sit, as the tastes and smells slowly, oh so slowly fade away. Phantasms dance before my eyes, faster and faster, savagely, frantically, celebration is in the Air.

They are afraid, these wraiths, for the night ages fast. They dance on, aware, oh so painfully aware, that when the first light comes, they must fade away. So here I sit, wallowing but helpless for dawn approaches and reverie fades away.

Alex Tamei is a writer who almost always has his nose buried in a book and only ever looks up to admire the passing beautiful things in life.. He blogs at under the moniker tea&Insanity

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