Winter Bush Maintenance | Susan Yim

Step one: Let it grow!

The hair will scratch its way through your skin and pierce the thin fabric of your too uncomfortable panties. It’s not a bad thing.


Description: A drawing of a hand

Description automatically generated with low confidence


Step two: Watch it grow!

You see how it doesn’t stick out in awkward positions anymore? How it naturally smooths inside your folds, tucks itself in, and emits warmth? Yeah, it’s nice. I’m glad you think so too.


Description: A picture containing text

Description automatically generated


Step three: Love the growth!

Wash and condition her. Stroke her fur and feel relaxed. Fall asleep, fingers resting lightly on top of cloud-like weightlessness. Feel at peace with yourself.


Description: Shape

Description automatically generated



Susan Yim (she/her) is a biracial American fiction writer with Korean heritage from the Greater St. Louis Area. This piece will be part of her pussy collection. You can find her @fearthenorms.

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