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Apartments: The Game (demo) + cyberpoetry


As you see it, the studio apartment could be broken down into 5 areas, plus, there’s a light switch.



[[Living room area.|linear]]

[[Dining room area.|motion]]

[[Bedroom area.|sicko,]]

[[Bathroom.|caper taster]]

[[Turn off the light.|and]]

[[Leave the keys and go to the store!|certificate holder.]]



Living Room


The first thing you notice in this area is the new rug that George recently purchased. You remember going to the store with George, helping to make the purchase. It was either this blue rug, or a different red rug. You liked the blue more, because the color was calming.


After you two went to the store, you two got some coffee. Actually, the two drinks you two got were espresso based.


There is a game console in this area as well as a TV. You two sometimes play video games together. No matter how hard you inspected the console, you could never decide what variety of game console your friend had. It was possibly a PlayStation, but even looking at it now, close up and without distraction, you can’t decide heads or tails. It’s as if there was a blur over this particular object.


For a brief moment, you sob.


[[Turn on the TV.|Lifetime cyberquest.]]

[[Look under the carpet.|Forever visionary.]]

[[Look at their game collection.|Singsong seeker.]]

[[Look somewhere else in the apartment.|Hallucinating vapors.]]



Game Collection


Most of the game titles are ones you recognize. You notice that the binding for a game you also own is different from what you have. You pick it out of the collection and notice that the design is totally unique! You know your friend makes art, so, did they also make this cover design?


[[Back to the living room.|Unconscious machines.]]

[[Look around the apartment further.|Realtor of dreams.]]



Under The Carpet


(set: $passcode to (prompt: “Lots of dust! Also, you see a security pad on the floor.

Hint: 4 numbers”, “”))


(if: $passcode is “0451”)

            [ You are correct! You can’t believe your luck. Inside you find secrets you weren’t ready to see. You wonder on the shared value of this discovery. Here you are with knowledge of your friend’s secret, and your friend is now aware that you know, too.


[[You look around the living room some more.|The words.]]

            [[You look to another area of the apartment|The time.]]

            (set: $key2 to true) ]



            [ It didn’t work, try again once you have the passcode. You text your friend to ask about the passcode, your friend says they forgot the passcode but they remember carving the number into something in the apartment.


[[You look around the living room some more.|Pretension proclamation.]]

            [[You look to another area of the apartment|Operation artist.]] ]



Turn On The TV


Your friend has cable, so the TV automatically turns to their favorite TV channel. It is a show about elephants. Your friend is so smart!


[[Back to the living room.|Ocean water, as in]]

[[Look around the apartment further.|water bottle collector.]]



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