Farmer jpg | Mia George

Dan Hamill via Pexels

I’ve got a simple life. I bring up soft white animals
out of the dirt. The horizon is level & it’s permeable
by rainbow. There are four hooks on the wall by
the door, do you see? I live there. It’s blink and you’ll
miss it. But it is possible. If you try. It’s a little aberration
in a gloom & smear of action. There. Wait— there.
A sheep did something interesting this morning.
She asked me something. I couldn’t answer. I was
fixing my hat on my head. I was doing all my buttons
& then double-doing them. I don’t mean I didn’t
understand her. I mean there was girlhood in those
words. And both our eyes shifted over to the smile in
the field. The wooly lifeboat. The headless ram.

Mia George is a writer based in Boulder, Colorado. She is currently an editor at Meridian Journal. You can contact her at, or by playing Darkness on the Edge of Town backwards.

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