plums | Franziska Hörner

via Pixabay

you say you prefer a bullet in my skull to the plum in my smilebecause you cannot stand my child-like laughter (I am six years old)because you lost your own (were you ever a child?)you make us hide between sandbox and treeyou make us hide from black dogs (we never hear them bark but you)you promise hurt as the sun promises fun (one of these is not to come) blue is hiding between white buildings (you are hiding with it)there is no you (no longer), there are no dogs (were they ever?)plums are ripe in a promising sunI am six years old and warm and soon to be sevenyou return to a sandbox (you are a child again)it will be silent there, as you wished

Zedeka works a minimum-wage job and is not college-educated. Being a private person, she writes and draws amateur comics for her own entertainment and lives a satisfyingly boring life in Germany.

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