from the time you convinced me to run away to idaho with you and didn’t let me stop driving for five hours straight to go pee | Kaydance Rice

Justiniano Adriano via Pexels

scraping against the road. our tire has just 

            split open and we’re high off oil fumes


and your dad’s weed. we toss a can of coke 

in the back seat and wait to hit a street sign. swerving


off the highway, you whisper in my ear this should

            be how we die.              with burning and digging


my nails into the steering wheel. watching trucks

            horn past us. leaking gas and wandering            through rush


hour. red lights shouldn’t exist and neither 

should yellow. green can stay but only in chlorophyll—


i just wish everything wasn’t so goddamn bright

all the time. falling from blooming, from almost


becoming. we crushed soda cans over state lines

            and waited for everything else to shatter with it.

Kaydance Rice is a writer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her work can be found or is forthcoming in The Ice Lolly Review, voicemail poems, The Interlochen Review and Full Mood Magazine.

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