Raging for the Roundabout | Cheryl Ferguson Bernini

Tuur Tisseghem via Pexels

Round and round you go. Where do you get off? You ought to know. From the lips slips a curse, the chaos predetermined. An engineered nightmare of comings and goings. Creeping closer, an instantaneous choice to be made. To the right? To the left? Beyond the linear threshold, the mind screams. No one hears. Who even cares? Beware the drifter who refuses to settle upon a course for their indiscriminate judgments misdirect traffic, corruption of a polite and steady flow. From one driver to the next, hitting the road day in and day out, please learn to drive–a roundabout.

Ciao from Italia. You can read C.F. Bernini’s work, both fiction and nonfiction (in English and Italian), online and in print. Follow her on Twitter: @FergusonBernini and Facebook: CFergusonBernini.

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