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Vitser already knew where she would have found her girlfriend. After all, Emma was not the type of person who would miss a chance to admire the Moon in the middle of a bright sky, even when all she wanted to do was lay in her bed, crying herself to sleep.

Indeed, as soon as she reached the stone roof, she found her, sitting with her legs crossed, as she looked at the Moon.

She was as beautiful as usual, to her mind, but she did notice something wrong. After all, the remnants of tears were still covering her cheeks, and she was barely closing her eyes.

Thus, she sat next to her. «Emma, are you alright?» asked, making her turn around. All she had wanted in that moment was to caress her face and remind her that things were going to be fine, but she avoided doing so. Emma needed to feel better first.

«Yes, I am,» she simply said, showing a little and faint smile. «Sorry for what happened earlier.»

Vitser chuckled upon hearing that. «You don’t need to be sorry.»

Emma then inhaled, letting the nightly air inside her body. «It’s just that everybody always expects great things from me,» she explained. «I have gotten used to this, to the point where I always make sure you can count on me all the time. However, it still does not feel great to know that I am not allowed to fail, not even once»

Vitser knew what that felt like. After all, people always had great expectations for members of the Haussinger family, and she would constantly receive criticism whenever she would do any little thing.

Therefore, she knew exactly what to say. «What is wrong with failure? Why can’t people make mistakes? How is everyone supposed to learn if not that way?» she asked, widening her smile as she spoke. «I have always thought that people just need to pretend that there are perfect beings out there. Sometimes, you need them to motivate yourself in trying to become like them, but there are also times where you need them to cultivate enough anger in knowing that, every now and then, it should be you to get what you want, or what you need.»

«That sounded like it belonged to a song,» Emma replied, almost instinctively. Still, hearing her beloved say those things warmed her a lot, and she was grateful for it.

Then, Vitser grabbed both of her hands, while still looking in her eyes. «Emma, I am aware of what happen when people expect you to act as a perfect being. After all, everyone thinks I should resemble a golden porcelain doll, down to every detail, including its delicacy.»

«That is a curious analogy, Vitser,» said Emma, as she looked down. Vitser wasn’t merely holding her hands, she was grasping her. She was worried about her, and that made her feel something special.

«I know of a place, in the eastern outskirts of the Continent, where artists would use gold to glue together broken vases, because they believe that highlighting an imperfection is what makes a thing true perfect.»
«And I agree,» she said. «Is this why you always highlight strange parts of my behaviour?»

Emma freed one of her hands to gently caress Vitser’s blonde hair, which looked even more golden and brighter as the Moon and the stars were shining on her.

«When your hair are fuzzy and cover your face as you wake up, or when you forget a word and your face resembles a little bunny waiting to get feed, or even when you start walking loudly as soon as you get tired, you look like the most perfect person I have ever seen,» she said.

Vitser blushed a little, as Emma’s hand was stroking her face. A simple gesture that, yet, always melted her heart, whenever she would do so. «How are you so romantic even when you are sad?»

«This is what loving you does to me, Vitser,» replied Emma.

In that moment, Vitser decided to let her instinct act, and immediately kissed her girlfriend. They both closed their eyes for a few seconds, but that felt like one of the warmest kisses they have ever shared.

«I love you too, Emma,» she said, as she admired her once again. «But seriously, do I look like a little bunny when I forget a word?»

Emma laughed a little. «I always assume your mind thinks something like “I made a mistake, I better look adorable so it will be covered up” more or less.»

Vitser’s blushing intensified, while Emma embraced her. Now, all that mattered was that they were there, together.

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