Sonnet for Little Baby Big Eyes | Ross Creason

via Pixabay

do you know, that you are very small?
I think not, since you often try
to scratch at me, to bite and maul
though I am easily ten times your size.
do you know that you are very furry?
perhaps, since you spend the whole damn day
licking yourself. sometimes I worry
that you don’t miss me when I’m away.
do you know that you are safe?
do you know you’re privileged, here
this home is a protected place
you don’t know hunger, thirst, or fear
all this to say, my little cat, whom I adore,
you can’t go out there! stop scratching my door!

Ross Creason is several possums in disguise as a tweedy academic, in Instagram as @ross.wanders and twitter @halcyominous.

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