List of things pointed out to me during a drive to the railway station to pick up my best friend | Sadhana Sanjay

Josh Sorenson via Pexels

As N drives, hands cradling the wheel, their eyes are constantly wandering. Or rather, they must have been, because they point out to me the following things, with added commentary: 

  • An old, dilapidated building with the trademark blue board and white serif font prevalent across India, proclaiming “CMR law college”. They inquire how different life might have been if either of us had gone to this law school instead. 
  •  A brand new dosa joint. The hiss of the water hitting the huge, square pan and the scrape of the metal against the stove seeps into our car, as N exclaims that we gotta try this place out. Maybe for breakfast sometime next week. 
  • Graffiti proclaiming CREATIVITY STARTS HERE. 
  • A ramshackle building with tiny flats crammed above a newly opened bar, replete with flashing neon lights called Cheers & Beers. We giggle conspiratorially in the car, thinking, well, the name isn’t all that bad. In fact, it makes us want to go there. 
  • An autorickshaw that has a family of five squeezed into it. And N whispers, look at the creepy kid. I turn my head to watch a small face reaching out beyond the non-existent confines of the auto, eyes fixed on us, and flash a grin in return. The eyes widen in childish fear. The face retreats. 
  • A lake, with rain trees lining its boundary. Its surface catches the city lights. It’s too far, we don’t make plans to go there.


Sadhana (she/they) is a researcher/writer based out of Bangalore. They enjoy long walks, long reads, making lists and melting into the couch with everything they need within arm’s reach.

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