Call of Duty 2054 | M Constantine Zavos

Tom Swinnen via Pexels

what direction should we face to pray?

in a world whose sun never sets 

surrounded by solar flares

heat so ungodly 

heaven, i never thought there 

to be flames like this

from a monsoon just two moons too late 

engulfing life in a rush

carbon smears across the slab

voided of life and color

as the world turns to black ash

ash i use to draw this very picture 

meant somehow to show permanence 

permanence, a myth

grown further and further

from reality

rock and chisel become paper and ink

burned in this fire

whose waste i recline in

paper and ink become code and data

digital footprints will wash 

away in the rising tides

of climate change and crashed satellites

our sacred scrolls vanishing 

in the lost archive of a 

precipitating cloud

raining acid for 100 years 

the destruction we begged for

in the cutting reflection of dark 

talismans whispered to 

in a world whose sun never sets  

torrid air scorches 

cheeks and forearms

singeing and disintegrating 

our vellus hairs 

beaches are littered

as people run 

toward the water, the crushing ocean

its masterful balance 

of grace and devastation,

only to be swallowed 

by its angry skyscrapers

now 76 yards high

jets rush off planet 

to urgently deliver

mined resources across

the galaxy whistles 

end in the thunderclap

of air strikes 

no one has seen an animal in six years

no one has seen a human in four

and each day greens 

further grey

while trees rot in the street

like bodies

“this place is the bomb,”

she says, “you’ll love it here”

behind uncanny, disarming eyes

what direction should we face to pray?


I am a multidisciplinary artist with background in classical piano, visual art & design, poetry, performance, fashion, herbalism and medical aesthetics.

Instagram @cravinggmiracles


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