Pandemic Sonata | Hamayle Saeed

Anna Shvets via Pexels

[Image description: A two-column poem entitled “Pandemic Sonata.” Each column is positioned in a plain rectangular black border. The first column reads:]

Behold the corona crown

All the world’s gold impaled

Kingdoms at the mercy of a touch

In suspension the droplets seem

You couldn’t have it but you still could

Scrape them for it to come off

Ricocheting off the nasopharynx 

Down the drain of your throat

Waveforms of  bespeckled plight A crowned virus, invisibly

[and the second column reads:]

Spiked protein towers for gemstones

The emperor naked in his new clothes

Dry coughs pounding porous walls

Almost lyrical in their transit –

Some days pass like congealed blood

Cardi B screaming coronavirus

it’s DEAD     IT’S  DEAD     d ea d

A hackneyed guttural hiss

A ventilator drawing its last breath Dethroning us

[End image description]

Hamayle Saeed is an accidental physician and deliberate poet; moonlighting as an aspiring eponymous disease in Lahore, Pakistan. @hamayle (instagram) @hamyelin_ (twitter)

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