On Plagiarism and Thievery | Emily Teague

Lum3n via Pexels

I have this fear of accidentally plagiarizing.
I wouldn’t do it on purpose
I’m a little bit dumb though
So I can see it happening
I just pick up words and phrases like dandelions and
They float around in my head
Detached from where I found them
Waiting to be spit out everywhere
Is everything
And we’re all using the same words
Statistically its probably just a matter of time

Before I give it all up
I write all this stuff
Poetry prose unstructured manic nonsense my fucking grocery list
It just feels like it all happened already
Hyper familiar déjà vu
I’m convinced I stole it
I mean I wrote it
But is it mine?

So I’ve been thinking about plagiarizing
And ownership
And inspiration
And how we have to take to create
How artists and scientists are really similar actually
Beyond the obvious
Universal human experience shit

We’re all thieves
We have to be
So I really don’t want to plagiarize
I’ll just borrow a few things
I won’t take all the credit.

“The Universe Is Not Locally Real,
and the Physics Nobel Prize Winners Proved It”
Do I have to explain it?
Real doesn’t mean real
Local doesn’t mean local
Sometimes measuring creates something immeasurable
Even geniuses are wrong sometimes
And, yes, it does matter what we believe.

You can find the author twiddling her thumbs or falling off her bike in the middle of the woods. Good luck!

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