noitisnarT | Fabio Leba

Mario Wallner via Pexels
Absolution, unreachable
The people of Nevermore
Suddenly, were there
They always had been
But we didn't care
We didn't want
We didn't know
We did know
We were wanted
He didn't care
They didn't understand
Alas, the fundamental question
The axiom of the controversy
The baseline of attack
The sin we didn't want
The sin they were proud of
The miracle we tried to achieve
The miracle, son of abhorrence
Shall it be forgotten?
Negative, as it always should have

Absolution doesn't come without price
Absolution doesn't come
Are we ready though, to pay?
Are they ready though, to accept?
I know I'm not

I’m just a random Italian guy who writes sometimes things for fun. Not that interesting to be honest If you somehow want to contact me, my Discord is An Average Italian#9924

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