Unlucky Choices | Will Musgrove

via Pixabay

I don’t like to choose. A plot generator wrote my life story. An eccentric hypnotist in a noir piece about crooked cops. A Magic 8-Ball decided if I married one of those crooked cops. Outlook good. A cootie catcher picked what I did for fun. Red, five, stamp collecting. The board game Life dictated if I had kids. Congratulations, it’s twins. A Facebook quiz selected how I died. Falling piano like a cartoon character. A coin flip decided heaven or hell. Heads. I wasted my life, but it wasn’t my fault. No, I just got unlucky.

He received an MFA from Minnesota State University, Mankato. His work has appeared in TIMBER, The McNeese Review, Tampa Review. Connect on Twitter at @Will_Musgrove or williammusgrove.com.

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