Four Poems | Day Sibley

Irina Iriser via Pexels

Essence of The Night

Disappearing clouds
and the night filled sky with stars
dancing across it.

Mountain Girl

“Take me to the place I love, take me far away.”
– Red Hot Chili Peppers, Under the Bridge 

Implant my ashes on top of the Sierra Mountain
so my soul can be engraved in the dry soil
watching cars pass by, while I wait for the stars to cover the night.
Yes, this is where I’ll call home.

Hotel Chelsea


Eyes darting from side to side
us laying in the bed
your tangled body still sleeping
this quiet makes me nervous
no wonder I like the sound of chaos
like us
you telling me I’m over emotional.
I just want to feel
yet I don’t want to. 

Losing Faith

When I heard your
feet creak from below
I was hoping you’d
turn back around.
I whispered a prayer
beneath the sheets
I was covered in,
but even then
that wasn’t enough
to keep you from
coming in.   

You cupped your hand
around my mouth pushed
up my nightgown,
and told me everything
was going to be alright.
I tried to push you off as you
hovered over me, but you
managed to keep me in
place and continued the

When you finished
a tear crept down my check.
While I was facing the
crucifix planted on the wall
with the feeling of despair.

Day Sibley is a writer and multidisciplinary artist from southern Nevada and the founding editor of Dream Noir magazine.

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