the fine line between self-loving and self-loathing | nat raum

via Co-Star

the fine line between self-loving and self-loathing[1]

you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

(i’m doing shitty too so i really feel this.)

experiment with tenderness.

(i just like…..want to know when this is gonna stop. not just the missing him but the uncertainty of existing in this world.)

almost touch.

(unfortunately the missing is still a big part of it. i crave stability.)

where do these strange ideas come from?

(this. all of this.)

[1] this cento is written from Co-Star daily app notifications and excerpts from a group text conversation from July 2020.

nat raum (b. 1996) is a disabled artist, writer, and genderless disaster from Baltimore, MD. They’re the editor-in-chief of fifth wheel press. Find them online: ig/twt @gr8earlofhell

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