Raindrop | Emma Ramirez

via Pixabay

 I wish I were a raindrop

how beautiful it must be to be a minuscule object

one that no one sees and cannot be differentiated from the rest

but experiences a freedom that humans could only ever dare to dream of

a freedom that is so quick yet exhilarating as it plummets from its vast ecosystem

racing through the sky and basking in a moment they will never experience again

because as soon as they slam into the ground it is like they cease to exist

they disperse into tiny molecules and disappear amongst the rest

how lovely is it to be something and then nothing

I wish I were a raindrop



Emma Ramirez is a writer and director who explores Filipino-American and LGBTQIA+ identities within her work. She has written multiple short films and episodes for radio and is working on a novel.

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