In the Midst of a Pandemic | Dani Zhila

cottonbro Vinh via Pexels

The world has created the ultimate placebo:
Pretending the problem is now in the past.
No panacea from eastern or western medicine can compare.

We have replaced consideration with busyness.
Without time to think, we move forward,
Always forward, toward a future we cannot see.

Yet, playing pretend is still only playing.
People continue to be plagued by illness & death
With fewer people to notice, fewer people to care.

Each day passes, only noted by the sun & the moon.
Chug along, continue on.
Change cannot come with no one to beckon it.

Twitter: @DanielleShojaie

Dani Zhila is a medical student and poet. When she is not studying (which is rare these days), Dani is reading, writing, watching baseball, or playing with her dogs.

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