(con)(sus)tain | Ashley Robles

cottonbro via Pexels

I always overpour

Cook white rice with too much water

Fry the egg and burst its yolk

Never careful to check the size of the spout

Drown the meal in soy sauce

Am forced to drink tarter liquids

Cleanse my palette



Is still satisfying


It sits in your throat

Lets each favor absorb

Rewrites your composition


You become familiar with this recipe

Its weight

You tell yourself you will become practiced

At preparation


You’ll wash the rice

Butter the pan


And look back again


You’ll perfect the meal


But then you will pour cumin in your oatmeal

And have to sit with a new spice

Ashley Robles is an artist currently residing in San Antonio, TX, a UT Austin alum, and is working to normalize chronic illness in her corporate & creative life. She can be found online @mzashleypie

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