Awakening | Scott Aaron Tait

When someone asks, “when did you know?”

I want to say, “in 1993 when Section 28 prohibited the ‘promotion of homosexuality’ and the word gay meant something else. In 1995 when Billy, that spandex-clad Power Ranger, caught my eye. Maybe it was seeing Batman, and his devoted twink Robin, with those firm nipples in 1997 or Spiderman in 2002. Toby Maguire stood shirtless in front of a mirror and I imagined him shooting out sticky webs. No, it was 2004 when I first kissed a guy and my heart skipped a beat.”

But I just reply, “I always knew.” 

Scott (he/they) is the editor of Queerlings and Powders Press. His writing has been published widely including Untitled Voices and Warning Lines. They drink too much coffee and tweet @scottaarontait

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