UNHANDING | Muhammed Olowonjoyin

Soubhagya Maharana via Pexels

It’s noon. You search for ways to unstitch a heart
From your heart. You’re drowning in a dream of breaking.
You hum wishes

To the leftovers of encouragement on a plate of ennui adorned
With your tears—an unholy communion of disillusionment.

This is how you wish you could unhand yourself
From loss, & unlove & unwane &

Flee from the bayonets poking your body from the hands of every
Preternatural voice that calls you unworthy.
There is fire in the wind & that’s how you know it’s night
In a country trying to quell herself

From war. You wear yourself into rosewater & you
Spread your arms to the raging sky—waiting for a body to

Fall into your arms, & let you squeeze some of your life into it.
This is how you say everything that leaves

Wanders in the stratosphere

Muhammed Sanni Olowonjoyin, TPC III, has poems published in Brittle Paper, Aôthen Magazine, Acropolis Journal, The Kalahari Review, Salamander Ink Magazine, and elsewhere. He tweets @APerSe_

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