This One’s For The Boys | Joshwald Martínez-Peralta

Dmytro Kormylets via Pexels

is god a feeling


              stay with me a sec.


is that why men were marketed our mold,

(god's image, They said)


to feed His hollow-ed sons false satisfaction?

to starve our right to be awed?


Who benefits? 


what if 


stay with me a sec.


you’re on your way home from a great night out


riding the high of a flawless karaoke set list, and


the moon stops you.

it never has.


you sense pressure behind your eyes, 

you gasp on an inhale,

also either you have to shit right this second 

or you need to scream louder than you ever have

louder than anyone ever has

louder than you think you can

and you actually believe you could make someone on the moon hear it if you did.


But you shake your head and slap your face a bit,

“Relax, my dude.”


and then… a “post no bills” wall:







every body


even you, reading this in public – even in private too


as feeling

as tingles

as mood swings

as your lovely ugly

I’m a poet, actor, and Mary Oliver stan from Washington Heights, currently living in Astoria, NYC.

Twitter: @jsh_wld Instagram: @joshwaldmp


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